The three questions most often asked of me seem to be:
How long have you been painting?
When did you sell your first piece?
How long does it take you to paint a picture?

The first two questions are easy to answer. I don't remember when I started drawing.
In my memory, I've always drawn. My first commissioned portrait was done
while I was in Junior High School. The, then young, attorney who bought it
still had it hanging in his office when he retired.

The third question has no one answer. The painting starts with an idea and gels
with preliminary sketches and/or photographs. Then come the value studies,
color studies, changes, more changes, then... I start to paint.

My work as an Animal Keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo, the years spent training
and showing horses and dogs, and a bevy of various pets has expanded
my proficiency of observation. This enables me to render compelling
portrayals of both domestic and exotic animals. Living in this picturesque area
has inspired me to turn my gaze more towards landscapes and seascapes.

How long does it take to paint a picture? As long as it takes,
plus the sum of my life's experiences.

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